Yovanna Ventura Calls Justin Bieber A Pig

May 26, 2014 • By Home

Yovanna Ventura Upset With Justin Bieber

Woah! So first Yovanna Ventura made it very clear that she was super upset that Justin Bieber didn’t attend her prom by posting the photo below after the big night.

Yovanna Ventura Upset With Justin Bieber Kermit Photo

And now she has taken it one step further and called Justin a pig! Justin has been posting tons of Instagram photos from Cannes, France with notes about how beautiful it is there. He has been spending a lot of time by the water and on the water, and sharing his adventures through photos.

Well, Yovanna is seeing red she is so mad Justin is spending time in France and not in Miami with her after she got her school to approve his attendance at her prom and he ended up being a no-show! She shared this photo and note:

Such a beautiful view… Isn’t it amazing? The sunset, the sky, the sea.. So perfect.

Yovanna Ventura Justin Bieber Pig

Looks like Justin has some apologizing to do if he wants to get back together with Yovanna! Although, we’re totally confused since Justin said they were NOT an item and it sure looks like she thinks they were.

Plus, there wasn’t a whole lot of time for them to have dated since Justin was together with Selena just a few weeks ago…

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