Drake Bell Calls His Fans “Bellievers” And Upsets Justin Bieber’s Belieber Fans

May 27, 2014 • By Home

Drake Bell Bellievers

Drake Bell has decided on a name for his fans – Bellievers! The name is similar to Justin Bieber’s fans’ name – Beliebers.

Justin’s fans are NOT happy about Drake’s recent Tweets! Check them out:

I love all my BELLievers!!!

Thank you to all my BELLievers for being the best fandom in the world! We are friends with all other fandoms. We are not a clique.

BELLievers are accepting to everyone! We do not send hate or slurs or death threats like the beliebers! Everyone can sit at our table!

Do beliebers know how to tweet without cursing? Seems they don’t where are your parents?!

Justin has yet to respond!

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