Tiffany Thornton And Chris Carney Abduction And Rehab Update

May 27, 2014 • By Home

Tiffany Thornton Chris Carney

Chris Carney and Tiffany Thornton are battling over their children. Chris claims that Tiffany abducted their two sons, KJ and Bentley, however Tiffany claims that Chris needs to go back to rehab for their kids’ safety.

Chris was arrested for drunk driving before getting married to Tiffany. The arrest was featured on the MTV reality show “twentyfourseven,” and Tiffany revealed in an interview that when she saw Chris cry about the arrest with his family she developed a crush on him, but nothing happened between the pair until Chris went to a faith-based rehab center.

Tiffany Thornton Abducts Kids

Chris told the Arkansas Times:

I was anti-Christian. I thought it was for weak people.

Chris joined a faith-based residential facility for men and he stayed there for a 14-month-long drug rehab program after he was given a choice between the program and jail. Chris revealed that he thought he was going to a “crazy cultish program.”

According to reports Chris’ stay was extended after he didn’t take it seriously. He was given an extra 3 months.

Partway through Chris’ stay he was injured and while he was in the hospital he saw Tiffany on the Disney Channel! Chris said:

Here comes Tiffany. It was like my life flashed before my eyes, a download from the universe.

Right after he got out of the program Chris called Tiffany. They spoke every day for a month and then Tiffany came to visit Chris in Arkansas. Shortly after they were engaged!

Chris claims that he had a religious connection with Tiffany and knew marrying her was the right thing. However, he is now claiming that Tiffany’s religion is what is coming between them and the reason for her “abducting” their children.

Tiffany has been away from home from almost a month, however Chris says he is getting his children back soon. Tiffany has not confirmed this news and Chris has told the press that Tiffany is “dead to him” until his children are back at home with him.

It’s unclear if Chris plans to go to rehab again.

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