Mitchel Musso Shares A Vine Video About Selfies, After Calling Selfies Lame

May 28, 2014 • By Home

Mitchel Musso Selfie

Mitchel Musso has shared a new Vine video with his fans about taking selfies! Mitchel posted along with the video below of himself trying to find the perfect selfie angle and lighting:

When I take a picture #nopenopenope

We’re surprised Mitchel is taking selfies though, since he previously shared he thought selfies were lame! He had posted the photo and note below with fans:

Mitchel Musso Selfies Are Lame

I know it looks like I took this but I didn’t cause I’m way to cool to take selfies in bed that’s so lame and only lame people do that.. Yea so lame. #waytoblessedforthat

Looks like Mitchel changed his mind about selfies!

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