Austin Mahone Opens Up About His Perfect First Date, And About His First Kiss

May 31, 2014 • By Home

Austin Mahone First Date

Austin Mahone recently revealed that he had his very first kiss at 13-years-old, but he hasn’t spilled who the kiss was with! Austin also opened up to BOP about his ideal first date!

I have to get a good rest before a big date, so I’d sleep in until about noon that day. Then, we’ll go to lunch at Panera. I’ll get a ham sandwich with American cheese, toasted, a side of macaroni and a green tea. I’d take you shopping, and buy you some nice clothes. [Then a] nice sunset walk on the beach right before the sun goes down.

Austin Mahone First Kiss

Austin then revealed he would love to watch a movie at his date’s house, and then:

I’d give you a kiss before I leave, then text you tomorrow to tell you how awesome you are.

How does that sound to YOU?

Austin is rumored to be dating Fifth Harmony star Camila Cabello, but the pair have yet to officially announce that they are an item!

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