David Archuleta Video Blog “I’m Still Alive”

May 31, 2014 • By Home

David Archuleta Video Blog

David Archuleta has posted his first video blog since his 2 year Mission, and it’s just as fabulous as you would expect! The video is titled “I’m Still Alive,” and David touches on a number of topics while chatting with his fans.

Turns out David tried to return to California after he got home from his Mission, but he didn’t like it – so he headed back to Utah! David found some “hidden gems” to work with, and he is currently compiling new music for fans!

David is working on writing and recording, but don’t expect to hear anything too soon. David has spilled that he plans to take his time and make himself happy with his new tunes, and in turn he hopes everyone loves the songs he releases.

We can’t wait to hear what he has been working on! However it sounds like we all need to have a bit of patience while we wait! David told his fans about his own patience:

I’m finding out each day… how slow of a person I am. I like things done right here and now! So I am realizing my need to learn patience.

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