T-Pain Reveals Big Details About Justin Bieber’s Next R&B Album

May 31, 2014 • By Home

Justin Bieber T Pain Music

T-Pain has spilled some more details about Justin Bieber’s upcoming Bizzle CD! He told MTV:

The Bieber record is really, really R&B, surprisingly. He’s doing some great R&B music right now, and it’s like literally the best R&B music I’ve heard in years. I haven’t heard music like this since like early 2000s, ’90s. It’s insane. He’s doing really good right now.

Justin Bieber T Pain

Looks like Justin’s next CD won’t be rap like everyone thought! T-Pain also added about working with Justin:

We did four songs when he was at my house. So, I don’t know which one he’s gonna use, so, we kinda just went in, recorded. And my homeboy Pooh was there, he’s a fantastic writer; Justin’s a great writer himself. We made a variety of things. We kind of just went through some tracks, set it up, went right in the booth: I went in the booth, ran through a whole song, then Justin went through and ran through the whole same song, and we wrote like three different songs to each track that we picked. So, it was a very productive night.

We can’t wait to hear all of Justin’s new music!

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