Tiffany Thornton Says She Is With Her “Whole Family,” But Is She With Her Husband?

June 1, 2014 • By Home

Tiffany Thornton Kids

Tiffany Thornton opened up to fans today that she was spending the weekend with her “whole family,” but does that mean she is also spending time with her husband Chris Carney? Tiffany was accused by Chris of abducting their two children, and it’s unclear if Tiffany and Chris have worked through their drama, which has been shared with the media by Chris himself.

Tiffany Thornton Husband

Chris told the media that he believes Tiffany’s religion is part of what caused her to take his children away from him, and to Texas where she has been staying with her parents.

Chris also told his fans he was going to start a war on religion after what Tiffany did to him.

Tiffany just Tweeted:

Lunch with my whole family after church. I love Sundays.

Do YOU think Chris is with Tiffany, or do you think Tiffany still hasn’t brought their kids back to California…

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