Walt Disney Pictures “Maleficent” Makes $70 Million Opening Weekend

June 1, 2014 • By Home

Maleficent Opening Weekend Box Office

Wow! Walt Disney Pictures’ “Maleficent” just opened in theaters, and it has already brought in $70 million! This is the largest opening for any of Angelina Jolie’s films, including “Kung Fu Panda,” which opened with $60.2 million back in 2008.

“Maleficent” is a live-action movie about Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty” fairytale. Elle Fanning plays the princess Aurora who is cursed by Maleficent when she is a baby. Young Aurora is played by none-other-than Angelina and Brad Pitt’s daughter Vivienne.

Angelina said about working with her daughter:

Neither one of us want our children to be actors, Brad and I. I only put her in the film because the other children her age would be scared of me because I looked quite scary in [costume]. In the scene, little Aurora has to really want to be near me and be loving to me, and I had to be quite mean. So Vivienne and I practiced it a few times, and I was shocked by how well she did.

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