Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend Yovanna Ventura Fights Back At Weight Critics

June 2, 2014 • By Home

Yovanna Ventura Weight

Justin Bieber might have skipped out on Yovanna Ventura’s prom in Miami, Florida, but he sent her a Dolce & Gabbana dress! Yovanna shared the photo above of how she looked in the dress, and the photo below of the thinest she has ever been. She also posted the note underneath to explain the weight loss.

Yovanna Ventura Weight Loss

In that last picture I was 117 now I’m 131, I still ate A LOT! When I had to loose those 11lbs so don’t ever think I was unhealthy or whatever lol I just did different exercises, with a great trainer and a strict diet, I did a lot of cardio and now I don’t do diets, I still eat healthy tho’. I’ve gained weight and I changed my exercises and stopped doing as much cardio. I’ve never been unhealthy, being skinny does not mean you’re unhealthy at all.

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