David Archuleta Working On New Music In Nashville, Plus An Inspirational Quote

June 3, 2014 • By Home

David Archuleta Quote

David Archuleta is in Nashville right now where he is working on new music! David revealed to fans that after returning home from his 2 year Mission he tried to go to California to work on his next album, but it didn’t feel right.

David returned home to Utah and started working with a group of talented people to write and record his next CD. David has also decided to take a trip to Nashville to work on some tracks!

He shared:

It’s all about safety here in Nashville.

David Archuleta Nashville

We also found this inspiring quote on David’s Twitter from back in 2010:

Spend time with positive people. There will be a domino effect from them to you, and onward from you to those whom you surround.

Thanks for always being there to inspire David!

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