Kevin Jonas Tries To Keep Daughter Alena Rose Jonas Off Of Social Media

June 3, 2014 • By Home

Kevin Jonas Sharing Photos Of His Daughter

Kevin Jonas has revealed that it is his goal to keep Alena Rose Jonas off of social media as much as he can. The singer turned media mogul has spilled to the press that he wants to strictly control how photos of his daughter are shared with the public.

Kevin kept the first photos of his daughter to himself, and only shared them through his own social media accounts and through partnering with Dreft. And he hopes to continue that way throughout Alena’s life.

Alena Rose Jonas Picture

Kevin told the Belfast Telegraph:

A lot of people are protective and they don’t share photos of their children at all, and I totally respect that. I actually kind of got upset when somebody took a picture of Alena and posted it without my consent, so to be able to be in charge is really important, but we also want to share these special moments with everyone.

Kevin and his wife Danielle have shared some very special photos of Alena online so far. We can’t wait for the cute couple to share more!

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