Who Did Lucy Hale Write Her “Road Between Songs About?

June 3, 2014 • By Home

Lucy Hale Road Between Album Songs

Lucy Hale’s debut country album “Road Between” just hit stores and online download sites, and fans who listened to the CD want to know who Lucy wrote about! Well, looks like we will all have to wonder a while longer since Lucy says she isn’t going to tell!

Lucy revealed:

I’ll never reveal what it’s about. I mean some of it is a little bit obvious, at least obvious to the people that know me the best.

Lucy has also revealed that she feels more vulnerable through her music than she does by portraying roles on TV or in movies. Lucy has her fingers crossed that everyone loves her new album!

And it looks like that is the case since “Road Between” is the number 3 album on iTunes! Congrats Lucy!

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