Chris Carney Recording New Music About His Fight With Tiffany Thornton

June 4, 2014 • By Home

Tiffany Thornton Chris Carney Recording Studio

Chris Carney is working on some new music, and it sounds like the songs are about his wife Tiffany Thornton. Chris and Tiffany still aren’t together, and Chris is still very upset that Tiffany took his kids to Texas a month ago.

Chris reportedly relapsed with alcohol after spending over a year in rehab, and his mom saw him go “crazy” and took Tiffany away with her.

Chris Carney Recording Studio

Tiffany’s husband just told his fans:

In the studio with @RoscoeDpg thinkin about our wife’s…. @therealTiffany #scoeswife #harlodmelvinandthebluenotes #IMissYou

Chris previously told the media that Tiffany was “dead” to him until she brought home their kids. Looks like he has had a change of heart.

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