Ariana Grande Worries Her Fans With Tweet About Bad News

June 5, 2014 • By Home

Ariana Grande Bad News

Uh oh! Ariana Grande worried her fans big time last night when she took to Twitter to send out a Tweet about getting bad news!

Here’s what Ariana shared:

Why does the good news and the bad news always have to come at once.

tiiiiiiiired n stressssed…… dandelion tea is in order

Didn’t mean to worry you wit that tweet loves. nothing severe. just life we’re faced with obstacles & it’s all about how we choose to handle them.

Everytime you’re faced with something ugggly…. focus on something beautiful….. what u focus on expands… only you can change your reality.

We hope everything is alright!

P.S. Ariana is set to perform at the 2014 MuchMusic Video Awards!

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