Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend Yovanna Ventura “Hurting Inside” Over Justin’s Actions

June 6, 2014 • By Home

Yovanna Ventura Graduates High School

Justin Bieber’s girlfriend Yovanna Ventura has had it rough the past few weeks! She spent a lot of time with Justin when they first started dating, but she got really upset when Justin ditched her prom and traveled to France for the Cannes Film Festival instead.

Yovanna was sending out subtle hints on Instagram about how mad she was at Justin, that is until he complimented her prom dress, and then she was fine again!

Yovanna seems to be upset again though, sharing the following note:

Wearing a smile even if you’re hurting inside.

Yovanna Ventura Upset

Yikes! Justin is currently in Mexico with his family and friends where he is reportedly hiding away from the press after two videos of him making racist remarks surfaced.

It’s unclear how Yovanna feels about the videos. Justin has apologized twice for them now.

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