Lucy Hale, Alli Simpson And Keke Palmer Give Their Fans Great Advice

June 6, 2014 • By Home

Lucy Hale Advice

Lucy Hale, Alli Simpson and Keke Palmer have a number of things in common! They all act, they all sing, and they all give great advice!

Check out what the ladies each posted to fans this week, and let us know if the advice helps YOU with your life!

Lucy Hale

We often focus on the things and people we don’t have in our life and not on what is already before us. Today was a day where I realized the people that are in my life are placed there for a reason. Thank you to my dear friends and family for always loving and supporting.

Alli Simpson Advice

Alli Simpson

People say ‘we want what we cannot have” I disagree – we work for what we want, there for ‘cannot have’ becomes something you can have.

Keke Palmer Advice

Keke Palmer

Everything is a lesson to be learned. You must see it as that to reach your full potential! Just keep believing. You gotta keep believing to receive all that you’re to be given. Remember that in your dark hours.

Whose advice do YOU like the best?

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