ABC Family Channel Movie Schedule June 7, 2014

June 7, 2014 • By Home

ABC Family channel Movies June 7

Be sure to check out the ABC Family Channel today, June 7, 2014, for some fabulous movies! Check out the film schedule below, and let us know which ones you plan on watching!

8:00am Gnomeo and Juliet

Love-struck garden gnomes become caught up in a feud between neighbors. Animated.

10:00am Hotel for Dogs

Siblings transform an abandoned hotel into a haven for homeless dogs.

12:00pm 101 Dalmatians

London fashion maven Cruella DeVil steals pups for her newest creation, a Dalmatian coat.

2:00pm 102 Dalmatians

Cruella De Vil resumes her quest for a Dalmatian coat.

4:00pm Snow Dogs

A Miami dentist travels to Alaska to claim his inheritance, a mischievous team of sled dogs.

6:00pm Matilda

Neglected girl develops extraordinary mental abilities.

8:00pm The Smurfs

A magic portal transports the little blue people to Manhattan, where they must find a way back to their village before evil wizard Gargamel can find them. Live action/animated.

10:00pm Hop

The Easter Bunny’s reluctant heir goes to L.A. and lives with a slacker. Live action/animated.

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