Gigi Hadid Moving On From Cody Simpson With Luke Brooks?

June 7, 2014 • By Home

Gigi Hadid Janoskians

Jai Brooks might be taken, he is back together with Ariana Grande, but his twin brother Luke Brooks has revealed he is single – for now! Luke was out with Beau Brooks, Alli Simpson and Gigi Hadid this week, and we’re wondering if Luke and Gigi will strike up a relationship!

Gigi recently split from Alli’s brother Cody Simpson, and while she and Alli met up this week it seems that Cody was NOT there.

Cody has spilled that he believes he and Gigi will get back together, but she hasn’t agreed with his statement.

Do YOU think Gigi and Luke will start dating? Just imagine the cute double dates the pair could go on with Ariana and Jai!

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