Lorde Fights Back At Gender Stereotypes

June 7, 2014 • By Home

Lorde Gender Stereotypes

Lorde is not having any of it when it comes to gender stereotypes. So far in her short career Lorde has made a name for herself by breaking down the barriers of what is expected of female performers, and she has made it clear she will not be following the typical career path of young stars.

The artist just told her fans about an email she had to send out:

Just had to send an email that said ‘no one ever asks a guy to sit on top of a piano.’

It sounds like Lorde was asked to perform atop a piano for either a concert or a music video, and she is having none of that! Go Lorde!

If Lorde is this strong at 17 we can’t wait to see the changes she brings to the celebrity industry in the coming years! This is one artist we will sure to follow throughout her career to see which other stereotypes she has a hand in causing to crumble!

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