Who Is The Most Obsessed With Ghosts: Lucy Hale, Demi Lovato Or Ariana Grande?

June 8, 2014 • By Home

Lucy Hale Ghosts

Singers and actresses Lucy Hale, Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande all have something else in common – they are all obsessed with ghosts and paranormal activity!

Lucy just told her fans, via Us Weekly:

I believe in ghosts and I’m really intrigued by paranormal activity.

Demi Lovato Ghosts

Demi opened up a bit more to the press, revealing that her house in Texas was haunted. She has even said she was friends with the ghost who lived there! Read the spooky story here.

Ariana Grande Ghosts

And Ariana had a super haunted experience when she visited a cemetery last year! She told fans she took a photo at the cemetery and she found faces in the picture that weren’t there when she snapped the picture!

Despite Demi and Ariana’s spooky experiences they are still obsessed with ghosts and scary movies! So, who is the most obsessed with paranormal activity? Take our poll!

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