Confirmed: “Frozen” Characters Elsa, Anna And Kristoff Appearing On ABC’s “Once Upon A Time”

June 9, 2014 • By Home

Once Upon A Time Frozen ABC

Exciting news for “Frozen” and “Once Upon A Time” fans! It has been confirmed that the following “Frozen” characters will be arriving on “Once Upon A Time” next season:

Queen Elsa
Princess Anna

Queen Elsa will be the first to arrive in Storybrooke, and Anna and Kristoff will follow. Casting for the roles is currently underway, and we know that Kristen Bell IS interested in playing Anna on TV, however it is unclear if she will ultimately get the part.

According to reports, Elsa will appear in 9 episodes of “Once Upon A Time,” while Anna and Kristoff will appear in a handful of episodes, but not quite as many as Elsa.

Who would YOU like to see cast in the roles?

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