Does Taylor Swift Hate Living In New York? Read The Latest Rumor!

June 10, 2014 • By Home

Taylor Swift Hates New York City

A source told Star Magazine that Taylor Swift HATES living in her giant penthouse in New York City. However, we’re having a tough time believing that.

The source spilled:

She’s having a hard time making friends and is begging people to visit even offering to fly them out! Taylor can’t wait to split her time between Rhode Island and LA. She doesn’t want any party of living in New York full-time. She really regrets moving there.

Taylor Swift Hates NYC

If Taylor really hated NYC so much wouldn’t she leave and go to her other homes? She seems to be in New York City constantly, AND she seems to have made a ton of new friends since living there!

We think this is totally a rumor, but we want to know YOUR thoughts on this one. Take our poll!

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