Harry Styles Joins Kathy Griffin’s Comedy Act

June 10, 2014 • By Home

Kathy Griffin Harry Styles

Comedian Kathy Griffin has added One Direction member Harry Styles to her comedy act. Kathy explained to the crowd at a recent stand-up performance that she met Harry at an Eagles concert last year.

Kathy was put in charge of keeping Harry’s coat safe when he walked away from his seat during the show, and she subsequently stole it, until she was forced to give it back by his team.

Harry Styles Kathy Griffin

Kathy also spilled that she ran into Harry backstage at the show where he was chatting with actor Tom Hanks. According to Kathy, Harry had had a bit to drink and was telling Tom about all of the movies Tom has starred in.

When Harry found out Kathy was a comedian he asked her:

Oh, are you going to put me in one of your funny skits?

And here’s what Kathy told the crowd next:

Yes, Harry. I would like to welcome you to my act.

Kathy is hilarious to watch up on the stage. Let us know if YOU have ever seen her perform live!

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