ABC Family Channel Begins Production On Caroline Sunshine’s “Recovery Road”

June 11, 2014 • By Home

ABC Family Channel Recovery Road TV Show

The ABC Family Channel has just started production on a new show called “Recovery Road.” The show is based on the novel by Blake Nelson about a teen girl dealing with addiction.

The main character Maddie has a reputation as a party girl, and her school gives her two choices: being expelled or going to rehab.

Maddie decides to go to school during the day and rehab at night.

Actress Samantha Logan will play Maddie, while other actors on the show include:

Sebastian De Souza as Wes
Kyla Pratt as Trish
Sharon Leal as Charlotte
Alexis Carra as Cynthia
Justin Prentice as Dallas
Caroline Sunshine as Emily
Doug Savant as Alan

Sounds like a great show to tune in for!

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