Chris Carney Shares Telling Song Lyrics For Tiffany Thorton Amid Abduction Claims

June 11, 2014 • By Home

Tiffany Thornton Chris Carney Breakup

Uh oh. Tiffany Thornton is still in Texas with her family one month after taking her children KJ and Bentley away from her husband Chris Carney in California. Chris told the press that Tiffany and his mother stole his children after his mom saw him drinking (Chris previously spent over a year in rehab before marrying Tiffany), and Chris has filed an abduction report with the LAPD.

Chris has sent notes to his children that state that “selfish” people took them away from him, and now it looks like Chris is telling Tiffany that they could very well be over as a couple.

Chris posted the artwork for The Prom Kings’ song “Fade” and told fans it was for Tiffany. Chris used to be the lead singer of The Prom Kings.

Here are the lyrics to “Fade,”

“Watch me turn away…
From the lies that I will never take
And watch me walk away
From the loneliness I feel today
Ill turn and fade
Ill fade away
I cant take the pain of where we laid

Watch me run away, from the tears that drown out my faith and
Watch me walk away from the face that always has to say
I’m gonna change… Its all ok…
Just one more take
Dont run… Away!

Why did you turn and fade?
So you tell me that you love me
So you tell me that you’re throwing it all away
I just cant turn and fade- away

And watch me turn a page, on the past that i cannot escape
and watch me find a way to never have to hurt again
Its gonna change
Ill make a place
Its over now, so hear me say
Watch me run away!

As I pray for you to fade,
I’ll be free from all your chains..
You tell me that you love me
You tell me that you need me
You tell me you tell me that you want me
You tell me that you care
Do you want me?
Tell me do you need me
Baby do you love me?
You dont care!

I dont care!

I never thought that you would be,
The one that I could never see
I never thought that I would fade away…”

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