Chelsea Handler Leaving “Chelsea Lately” Because Of Justin Bieber And Kim Kardashian

June 12, 2014 • By Home

Chelsea Lately Justin Bieber

Chelsea Handler has decided to leave her talk show “Chelsea Lately” because she doesn’t want to talk about the stars anymore. Chelsea might be a celebrity herself, but she is totally over the drama that some of the big stars bring to her show.

Chelsea revealed to the press:

To be quite honest I don’t really care about Justin Bieber and I don’t want to talk about him anymore. In order to make that happen I had to just stop doing my show. Straight away.

Chelsea added on a more serious note:

I think if you participate in the celebrity world then you don’t really have a choice but to be involved in the drama. You can sit around and complain about all that s**t and the Kardashians all day, but if you’re participating in it then what can you do? It really didn’t feel great doing the show, and the only way to sort things out was to extricate myself from the entire situation.

So what does Chelsea plan on doing now? Here’s what she explained:

Now I want to do things differently. I want to talk to people who are going to educate me. Politicians, medical professionals and people with real human interest stories. I want to talk to people who have changed the course of the world. Inventors, invaders and people who have been doing exciting stuff.

It’s rumored that Chelsea will be announcing a brand new show soon. Stay tuned!

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