Keke Palmer Offers Fans An Inspirational Sneak Peek Of Her BET Talk Show “Just Keke”

June 12, 2014 • By Home

Keke Palmer Just Keke Sneak Peek

Keke Palmer has a brand new talks how arriving on BET on June 30, 2014. The talk show is called “Just Keke,” and Keke herself has promised to talk about a wide range of topics on the show.

Keke just shared an inspirational sneak peek of what her fans can expect to see when they tune in. She posted the following message:

“Humanity is so … I don’t even have the words. Human beings confuse me, which is probably why I even confuse myself. The reasons why people do what they do & the way their minds even get to that point. Takes you far beyond physicality. Manipulation playing the biggest part in most relationships I feel. Honestly. Sometimes intentional & sometimes not. Self preservation is high in most human beings. The things people do to preserve who they believe they are can be quite astonishing. Self preservation is what can make someone that says they love you, not call you back once you realize they’ve stolen from you. A lot of times we live in denial of who we are. & anything that reveals the part of us we aren’t ready 2 accept, we exclude. In excluding that negative part of who you are, which we all have, you stunt self growth. Push yourself to embrace situations that make you feel uncomfortable. They help you get closer to YOU.”

Do YOU plan on tuning in for Keke’s talk show? Watch the “Just Keke” promo video below to learn more!

Also, find out what Keke said about getting tickets to the shows!

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