Liz Gillies Is Worried About Her Health, Find Out Why

June 12, 2014 • By Home

Liz Gillies Health Smelling Pumpkins

Former “Victorious” star Liz Gillies is worried about her health today! The actress and singer shared with her fans:

I keep smelling Pumpkin today. I hope that’s not a weird Web MD symptom where I’m gonna die in 2 hours.

Some people think that smelling pumpkins is a sign of pregnancy! We doubt that Liz is expecting a little one though, hopefully her pumpkin-smelling symptom clears up soon!

Liz has also spilled to her fans this week that she really wants her hair long and dark again. However, since she is working on the show “Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll” for FX she has to keep it short and blonde. Which would YOU prefer on Liz?

Also check out the video of Liz chatting with Justin Bieber and her “Victorious” stars about her first kiss!

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