Justin Bieber’s Dad Is Following Selena Gomez On Instagram After His Birthday Party

June 13, 2014 • By Home

Jeremy Bieber Follows Selena Gomez On Instagram

Justin Bieber’s dad Jeremy Bieber is now following Selena Gomez on Instagram. Justin convinced Selena to attend his dad’s 40th birthday celebration in Canada, and Selena had such a great time she reunited with her ex-boyfriend, again.

A source told Hollywood Life about Justin convincing Selena to attend the party:

He said that his dad’s birthday celebration wouldn’t be the same without her because she was part of the family. He also told her that she was his one and only soulmate and that he was lost without her. Words that Selena had longed to hear, even though she’s basically heard them before. Yep, they are crazy about each other … once again.

Justin’s dad had such a great time hanging out with Selena that he followed her on Instagram. That totally shows that Jeremy is happy with Justin and Selena being back together!

In the past Justin’s parents – Jeremy and Pattie Mallette, did NOT like Selena. They thought she was a bad influence on their son, but now it turns out they love her and would love to see the Hollywood couple stay together forever.

Selena is not yet following Justin’s family on Instagram, but that could all change soon! Selena is reportedly begging Justin to ask her to marry him and make her part of his family forever. She wants the world to know that they don’t just keep getting back together for fun, and that they are super serious about their relationship.

Looks like we will all have to wait and see what happens with Justin and Selena this time around!

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