One Direction Member Niall Horan Livid At Selena Gomez, Again!

June 13, 2014 • By Home

Niall Horan Mad At Selena Gomez

One Direction member Niall Horan thought that he and Selena Gomez would date the last time Selena split with Justin Bieber. Selena flew out to London specifically to visit the 1D member, and the pair went on a date, posing for photos with fans that found their way onto the web.

Selena ended up back with Justin about a week later, and Niall was furious. He felt like Selena had gone on a date with him in order to make Justin jealous. And it really did seem like that might have been the case.

This time Selena and Justin split Selena convinced the world, including Niall, that it was for good. Selena told fans she was taking her power back, and Niall believed her.

Selena Gomez Upsets Niall Horan

Niall invited Selena and her friends to take a trip to London and go to Katy Perry’s concert at the O2 Arena. Fans spotted Niall and Selena at the show together, and they seemed to have a great time.

However, as soon as Selena returned back to Los Angeles she was back with Justin. And Niall is livid. We don’t blame him!

Looks like Selena and Niall will NOT be friends anymore. Sources claim he wants nothing to do with her, and he doesn’t plan on ever pursuing her again, even if she splits from Justin. The 1D member wants nothing to do with their never-ending relationship cycle. Yikes!

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