Robert Pattinson Doesn’t Understand “Twilight” Movie Haters

June 13, 2014 • By Home

Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart Twilight Haters

Robert Pattinson was busy at the premiere of his movie “The Rover” this week, but during a recent interview he had another film on his mind! Robert opened up about his movie franchise “Twilight,” based on the book series by Stephenie Meyer, and it turns out he’s a bit confused!

Robert told The Daily Beast during a revealing interview:

I don’t understand the backlash against Twilight. The first movie, everyone liked it. But then it was suddenly… I don’t quite get why people turned on the other ones.

Yikes! Looks like Robert is one of the stars who searches what his haters have to say online! Robert also added about those who don’t like “Twilight,”

In a lot of ways, people have decided what Twilight is about before they’ve even thought about it, and then they’ve labeled us, the actors, as part of whatever that may be. Even the sparkling thing. I get so many sparkly criticisms! But I don’t actually remember a moment of in any of the movies where I sparkle.

Well, he did sparkle in the meadow scene with Kristen Stewart! And we loved that scene!

Robert’s movie “The Rover” is arriving in theaters on June 20, 2014. Check out a description of the film:

10 years after a global economic collapse, a hardened, ruthless ex-soldier tracks down the men who stole his only possession. As he travels through the lawless Australian outback, he takes a damaged young man as his unwitting accomplice.

Listen to Rob talk about the movie with Jimmy Kimmel underneath!

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