Selena Gomez Says Being With Justin Bieber Helps Her Self-Esteem

June 13, 2014 • By Home

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Fans have been racking their brains all week to try to figure out why Selena Gomez reunited with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber yet again. And now we have that answer!

One of Selena’s close friends opened up to OK! Magazine about the former Disney star and the pop star reuniting. Turns out Selena believes that being with Justin makes her a better person!

The source laid out the following details about the Hollywood romance:

She loves to hang with Justin Bieber’s crew because the attention helps her self-esteem.

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In addition to helping her self-esteem, Selena believes that being with Justin helps her career. Selena equates any growth in her career with Justin, and believes she can’t make it on her own in the industry without him – even though she did in the past.

It’s also been reported that Selena wants a ring on her finger very quickly to show the world how serious she and Justin are. Don’t be surprised if Justin and Selena get engaged this summer.

We also wouldn’t be surprised if Justin finds a movie role for Selena to prove that she is better off staying with him for the sake of her career and making money.

Sources in the past have also stated that Selena doesn’t like when she is single apart from Justin because she doesn’t have the luxuries she has when she is with him – bodyguards, private jets, expensive hotels etc. Looks like Selena finally decided she loves high-class experiences, and wants to stick with Justin for the long haul.

It’s reported that the pair are back on for forever this time around. What do you think?

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