Tiffany Thornton Working On Country Music While Her Husband Flips Out On Twitter

June 13, 2014 • By Home

Tiffany Thornton Chris Carney Fight

Uh oh. Tiffany Thornton left home a month ago with her two children KJ and Bentley. Tiffany’s husband Chris Carney reportedly relapsed with alcohol after a year-long stay in rehab before marrying Tiffany, and his mom took Tiffany and her kids out of their California home.

Tiffany has been staying with her parents in Texas, and she sounds very happy, Tweeting this morning:

Headed to the gym on a beautiful Texas morning! Dreaming about the future and working on my country music #blessed

Tiffany Thornton Fight

Chris on the other hand is furious! Here are his latest Tweets:

My life is like a box of surprise fu** you’s! I never know witch family member is gonna stab me in the back and lie about me. #Truth

Organized Religion is evil. It promotes division, lies, & hate all in the name of Love & Truth. Religion helps a lot of people but kills more.

Chris Carney Photo

U know who has my back!

For all u haters….. ye without sin cast the first mother fu**in stone…. Please & Thank you.

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