Did Justin Bieber And Rita Ora Date?

June 14, 2014 • By Home

Rita Ora Tattoo

Justin Bieber and Rita Ora were getting pretty close before Justin got back together with Selena Gomez, again. Nobody knew that Justin and Rita were friends until rumors started flying that Justin caused the breakup of Rita and former boyfriend Calvin Harris.

Turns out Justin and Rita had been in the recording studio a lot in recent months, and that when Calvin found out about their “touchy feely” studio relationship he split from Rita.

A then single Rita went on vacation in Mexico with Justin and his entourage, including his dad Jeremy Bieber. While there Justin and Rita made plans to get tattoos together, but Justin ended up bailing on the plans after reuniting with Selena in Canada the next week.

Tattoo artist Bang Bang revealed that he received a phone call from Justin that he and Rita wanted to get tattooed, and he met with Rita at The Mercer Hotel in New York City expecting Justin to be there as well. However, Justin was a no-show.

Bang Bang explained:

Rita called me, like, two weeks ago when she bumped into Justin Bieber, because I tattoo him, too. They called me together like, ‘Hey! We’re coming to get tattoo’d.’

Bang Bang did two tattoos for Rita between 10pm and 1:30am. One tattoo is a feather on her hand, and the other is a ballerina on her arm.

Rita Ora Ballerina Tattoo

Here’s what Rita posted about the ballerina tattoo:

We’re gonna be ballerinas when were 102! @andacloud9 #iloveubestie @bangbangnyc free-hand drawn on. You beast! Love you my brother!

Do you think Justin and Rita will hang out again? Or is their friendship over now that Justin and Selena have reunited?

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