Nick Jonas And Joe Jonas Reunite For Lunch

June 14, 2014 • By Home

Joe Jonas Nick Jonas Lunch

Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas haven’t been spotted together very much since the Jonas Brothers broke up, but the pair were just seen reuniting! Joe and Kevin Jonas just went on a talking tour together, which Nick wanted no part of, but it seems there is no animosity between the brothers anymore.

Joe and Nick were seen grabbing lunch at Hugo’s in West Hollywood yesterday. Then, the pair went to a bar to grab a drink with their friends.

Currently Nick and Joe are both working on solo albums. Nick’s CD seems pretty far along, while Joe is still trying to figure out what direction he hopes to take his music in.

Joe Jonas Lunch With Nick Jonas

Here’s what Joe told the press about rooting for his brothers to succeed even though they are no longer working as a group:

It’s a bit of a different situation for us. Being a family in a band makes it a little bit easier. It can make it a little bit more difficult, I guess, to be cool with each other. But we’re actually really happy for each other. After 10 years of doing something together, eventually it’s going to get to you. We’re thrilled now that we all have our individual separate careers that we’re focusing on.

Fingers crossed the guys reunite for a project sometime in the future!

Nick Jonas Lunch With Joe Jonas

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