Taylor Swift Says Selena Gomez Will Lose Her Career Dating Justin Bieber

June 14, 2014 • By Home

Taylor Swift Upset With Selena Gomez

Taylor Swift is furious that Selena Gomez is back together with Justin Bieber. Not only does she feel like she has yet again lost her BFF, but she doesn’t understand how Selena can keep breaking up with Justin and then getting back together with him like a broken record.

A source close with Taylor told Hollywood Life:

Taylor is completely baffled that Selena has yet again taken Justin back. She thinks that Selena is a lost soul and nothing will make her realize how bad Justin is until she no longer has a career. Taylor is convinced that this relationship has and will ruin her health and life, but she is finished with trying to help. She feels like she has tried enough and it hasn’t worked.

Taylor has been there for Selena each and every time the former Disney star has split from Justin, and it sounds like she just doesn’t care anymore.

While Taylor believes that being with Justin will hurt Selena’s career, Selena feels the opposite. Sources close with the “Spring Breakers” actress told the press that Selena doesn’t think she has a career at all unless she sticks by Justin’s side.

While Selena was famous before meeting Justin she was only famous with younger fans. Selena believes that being with Justin will help her land older roles and will help her with her music career.

In addition, Selena has reportedly told Justin she wants to get engaged to show the world how much they love one another in order to help both of their images which are currently tarnished by the drama they have been dealing with for over a year. From Justin’s arrest to his controversial videos and more, and Selena’s rehab stay and constant back and forth with Justin.

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