Update About The “Austin & Ally” Disney Channel Original Movie

June 15, 2014 • By Home

Austin And Ally Disney Channel Original Movie

We speculated a while back that we thought “Austin & Ally” would be getting a Disney Channel Original Movie. Not only was the show just renewed for a fourth season, but the cast is well-known and well-loved, and fans have been begging for them to get a DCOM for quite some time.

Multiple other Disney Channel shows got Disney Channel Original Movies after being renewed for multiple seasons – have a look:

“Lizzie McGuire” got a movie during season 2 of the show.

“Wizards Of Waverly Place” had a movie after season 2 and another movie after season 4.

“Hannah Montana” had a popular movie hit theaters during season 3 of the show.

“Good Luck Charlie” got a movie after season 3 of the series.

Keeping all that in mind there is now more to the story! Turns out a rumor has hit the web that Ross Lynch and Laura Marano are both in talks to star in a Disney Channel Original Movie!

We highly doubt that the Disney Channel would sign Ross and Laura up for a film that wasn’t about “Austin & Ally” and that didn’t include their co-stars Raini Rodriguez and Calum Worthy.

So we’re going to go ahead and assume that Disney is moving forward with an “Austin & Ally” movie, and if that is the case then fans should expect an announcement sometime during season 4 of the show.

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