Zac Efron Is Ready To Date Again! Find Out What He’s Looking For In A Girl!

June 15, 2014 • By Home

Zac Efron Ready To Date

Zac Efron is reportedly ready to date again. Zac was reportedly dating his “Neighbors” co-star Halston Sage, but it turns out the pair were just hanging out a lot for publicity for their film.

A source told Radar Online about Zac’s love life:

Zac wants to date someone who’s not intimidated by fame and who can challenge him intellectually. Zac has compiled a ‘wish list’ of eligible women – and Eva Mendes heads the list. He’s always loved her look and thought Ryan Gosling was insane not to put a ring on her finger. If she was even remotely interested he’d jump at the chance. Zac also has always had a huge crush on Rihanna, apparently, but her partying habit rules her out for anything long-term.

If YOU could set Zac up with any other star who would it be? Let us know!

Plus, find out what Zac had to say about his very first kiss:

I want to say [I was in] fifth grade. It was in a tree fort. It was over a game of Truth or Dare, but turned into ‘makeout with the other person.’ I was, like, the only boy and there was a bunch of girls.

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