Bella Thorne Kisses Her Girlfriend Skyler Samuels In New Kiss Cam Video

June 16, 2014 • By Home

Bella Thorne Baseball Game Kiss Cam

Bella Thorne attended the Atlanta Braves baseball game in Atlanta, Georgia over the weekend. Bella had a bit of fun when it was time for the kiss cam, and she shared the video underneath of herself dancing along to Katy Perry’s song “I Kissed A Girl.”

In the video Bella not only dances, but she also kisses her girlfriend Skyler Samuels on the cheek a bunch! Too cute!

Here’s what else Bella said about the game:

#TruePlayer #MLB #GuysInUniform #BigDog nothing like a good game and hot dog…

Bella Thorne Atlanta Braves Baseball Game

Were you lucky enough to meet Bella at the baseball game? She is currently in Georgia filming her movie “The Duff.” Let us know if you spot her!

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