Disney Publishing Worldwide Releases “Once Upon A Dream” By Charles Solomon

June 17, 2014 • By Home

Disney Once Upon A Dream Charles Solomon

Disney Publishing Worldwide just released an absolutely amazing coffee table book for any fan of Disney Princesses and the story of Sleeping Beauty. The book arrives just in time for fans to enjoy the book at their home and Walt Disney Pictures “Maleficent” movie at the theater.

The great thing about this book is that it doesn’t just talk about “Sleeping Beauty” or just “Maleficent,” it gives a really in-depth look into how the story came to be – with Charles Perrault’s version of the fairy tale back in 1967 and then the progression of the fairy tale all the way until 2014.

“Once Upon A Dream” includes interviews with Angelina Jolie, Don Hahn and more. It includes tons of great story detail as well as some truly beautiful behind-the-scenes photography and drawings.

The introduction for the book is written by Don Hahn and the book just released today: June 17, 2014. Be sure to pick up your copy where Disney books are sold as well as on Amazon.com.

“Once Upon A Dream” is perfect for Disney fans both young and old. Let us know if YOU pick up this book to share with your family and friends! Plus, tell us what YOU think of Disney’s “Maleficent,” in theaters now!

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