Lil Wayne Believes Lil Twist Exaggerated Details About Scooter Braun

June 17, 2014 • By Home

Justin Bieber Scooter Braun Lil Wayne

It has been reported that Lil Wayne now believes that Lil Twist exaggerated details about Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun, which led to Lil Wayne sending out a video message threatening Scooter. Apparently Lil Twist told Lil Wayne that Scooter said some seriously mean things about him being a bad influence for Justin, but it sounds like Scooter didn’t really say most of it.

Lil Wayne and Scooter have reportedly made up and put the past behind them.

Justin had refused to take sides from the beginning – telling the paparazzi he had love for Scooter AND Lil Wayne. However, Justin didn’t say he had love for Lil Twist – do you think the pair are still friends? Or is Justin upset that Lil Twist caused so much drama?

Justin Bieber Lil Wayne Scooter Braun

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