Robert Pattinson Reveals How And Why He Avoids The Paparazzi In Los Angeles

June 17, 2014 • By Home

Robert Pattinson Hates The Paparazzi

Robert Pattinson has opened up about how much he dislikes having his picture taken, and since that’s the case he really doesn’t like the paparazzi. However, he chooses to stay in California over moving back to England even though he has a greater chance of getting his photo snapped in Los Angeles – find out why!

Robert told BuzzFeed:

Some people get OK getting photographed doing their groceries or going out or whatever. I realized I cannot handle that at all. And so, I just don’t go to places where I get photographed. And as soon as I made that decision — don’t worry about it, stop complaining about it — it was a massive weight taken off.

Robert continued about moving home:

I always thought I was going to move back to London, but London’s changed so much since I left. A lot of my friends have left and stuff, or they have families. It’s different. Also, my main interest in my life at the moment is film, and this is the best place to be for film. Also, I like the kind of levity of living here as well. People want to get stuff done — they’re not downers all the time. In a lot of big cities, most people are just, like, Oh, god, it’s impossible. People aren’t like that in L.A. And I really like it.

Sounds like Rob is very happy where he lives – good for him! There’s one more thing Rob doesn’t like though – “Twilight Haters.” Find out what he had to say about them here!

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