Why Selena Gomez Is Really Furious With Kendall And Kylie Jenner

June 17, 2014 • By Home

Selena Gomez Kendall Jenner

Selena Gomez was besties with Kylie Jenner before the pair attended the Coachella music and arts festival this year. The BFFs were joined at the festival by Kylie’s sister Kendall Jenner and Selena’s boyfriend Justin Bieber.

While everyone assumed Selena and Kendall were friends since Kylie and Selena were close, everyone totally forgot that Selena and Kendall have something in common that is NOT friendship – they both dated Justin!

Kendall Jenner Justin Bieber Dated

Kendall was rumored to have dated Justin back in 2010 when he was just 16-years-old. Justin and Selena started dating shortly after that – and there is a good chance Selena stole Justin away from his growing relationship with Kendall since their relationship started shortly afterwards!

So, when Selena hit Coachella with Kylie and Kendall and she heard from someone that in addition to dating Kendall, Justin had also dated Kylie while they were broken up she flipped out! It was bad enough Justin had dated just Kendall, but to have dated Selena’s new bestie Kylie too it wasn’t what Selena wanted to hear for sure!

No wonder Selena hasn’t bothered to repair her relationship with the Jenner sisters…

She is however back on with Justin – see the video!

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