Disney’s “Frozen” Baby Names On The Rise

June 18, 2014 • By Home

Disney Frozen Baby Names

Disney knew they had a hit on their hands when they released the fun animated adventure “Frozen,” but do you think the company predicted that the movie would change baby name ranks around the world? Turns out the main characters from the film have names that many parents have decided are the perfect fit for their little ones after seeing the animated Disney movie.

The name Elsa has had a huge rise in popularity this year. People really related to Queen Elsa in “Frozen,” and it’s no surprise that the unique name isn’t so unique anymore!

The name Anna has also gone up a bit in baby name rank, but nowhere near “Elsa.”

Other names that have skyrocketed in popularity since the Disney film include:


It doesn’t seem like the name Olaf has gained popularity though – what a bummer!

Do YOU have a baby on the way in YOUR family? And, have you decided on a “Frozen” name for when they arrive? Our little one is named after Walt Disney himself, so we are loving this Disney name trend!

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