“Sleeping Beauty” Voice Actress Mary Costa Opened Up About Why She Was Chosen By Walt Disney

June 18, 2014 • By Home

Sleeping Beauty Voice

Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty” voice actress Mary Costa has opened up about why she was chosen to voice the iconic Disney Princess Aurora in the animated movie. Mary revealed that her singing voice is what impressed Walt Disney!

[The music director] said they’d spent three years looking for a voice for Princess Aurora. He asked me to audition the next day. When I arrived, I found a sound booth crowded with people and looked in vain for Walt Disney. It turned out he was listening from behind a screen and knew after the first bar that I was what he’d been seeking. I had a warmth to my voice, he said, and my easy phrasing sound was a plausible extension of speech.

Mary also added about working on the movie for 3 years:

Because everything was hand-drawn, if the animators changed so much as a single expression I’d have to re-record the line. It ended up taking three years to complete my recordings. Walt told me to imagine the changing colours of a kaleidoscope and try to paint with my voice – advice that coloured my whole career.

Mary also revealed how she and Aurora have the same mannerisms!

Although they’d used an actress to model the figure of Aurora, he superimposed some of my mannerisms. When I took my mother to see the film, she cried out: ‘Oh Mary, she looks just like you!’

What a sweet story! Have you seen the new Sleeping Beauty movie “Maleficent” yet?

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