Who Shailene Woodley Steals Her Clothes From Revealed

June 18, 2014 • By Home

Shailene Woodley Clothes

Shailene Woodley previously revealed that she saves almost all of her money. She sleeps on friends’ couches, and she can fit all of her belongings in a suitcase.

Now Shailene has revealed where she gets any new clothes she adds to her wardrobe, and it turns out she gets them for free!

Shailene Woodley Wardrobe

Shailene spilled to Women’s Health Magazine:

I would be shopping in my best friend’s closets cause that’s where all the gold is. Ya know? They have already gone through the racks, and they have decided what they want, and so I know I like their style so I’ll just take it from them. Yeah, I’m not a shopper. I’m the laziest shopper.

What a great way to save money as long as your friends don’t mind! Stars also love having swap parties where they all take their unwanted clothes to a party and everyone gets to pick and choose what they want to take home! That way nobody gets spotted by the paparazzi in the same outfit twice!

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