Selena Gomez Says It’s Fun To Influence Her Fans

June 20, 2014 • By Home

Selena Gomez Positive Influence For Fans

Selena Gomez loves being an influence for her fans! She spilled during a recent interview that she loves to be able to influence people with her music, her writing, her social media accounts and her clothing line.

However, Selena did NOT mention influencing anyone with her acting.

Some people have been concerned recently that Selena might not be the most positive influence for her fans after getting back together with Justin Bieber yet again.

Listen to Selena’s interview below, and let us know what YOU think about Selena’s status as a role model by taking the poll underneath!

P.S. Selena also revealed that she likes stability. Do you think that is why she keeps reuniting with Justin Bieber? Read more here!

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