Austin Mahone’s Fans Beg Him Not To Become Justin Bieber After His Latest Photo

June 21, 2014 • By Home

Austin Mahone The Next Justin Bieber

Austin Mahone shared a photo of himself and his entourage getting onboard a private plane for the weekend. As soon as fans saw the picture they immediately thought of Justin Bieber – something Austin really doesn’t like when people do.

Austin hates the comparisons between himself and Justin, however Austin has been dressing a lot like Justin lately, and the bigger his career gets the more similar his career becomes to the way Justin lives!

After Austin shared the snap below his fans started posting notes like crazy begging him not to become like Justin. Do YOU think Austin is on his way to becoming another Justin? Or do you think he’s heading down a totally different path?

Austin Mahone Private Jet

Justin Bieber Private Jet

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