Drake Bell Talks About Bullying At Schools In Mexico

June 21, 2014 • By Home

Drake Bell Bullying

Drake Bell is speaking out about bullying during his trip to Mexico. The star who is well-known to have a feud with Justin Bieber that just won’t seem to end told fans that he wants them to steer clear of bullying in their own lives!

Decided to stay in Mexico City for a couple more days to see all the fans I haven’t been able to see! You make me so happy, I love you all!!

Going to a school to talk about bullying. Remember you always have to stand up and speak out!! #BullyingIsNotAGame #ElBullyingNoEsUnJuego

Sounds like Drake has turned a new leaf! We hope he continues to take a stand against bullying!

Plus, have you heard that Drake’s home is for sale?

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